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The Vault Metal Price Difference

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We don’t know of anyone who beats our pricing!

We present clear and detailed price comparisons before you purchase.

No high-priced spokesperson or expensive commercials, just great value.

Complimentary IRA storage.

Complimentary insured and discrete front door delivery.


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Why Gold?

Stability Amidst Turbulence

In times of economic turbulence, gold and silver have consistently proven their resilience. Unlike volatile stocks or unpredictable currencies, these precious metals have weathered the storms of history, providing a steadfast anchor for investors navigating uncertain markets.

Tangible Wealth, Real Security

The allure of physical gold and silver lies in their tangibility. Unlike digital assets that exist in the virtual realm, holding these precious metals in your hands provides a sense of real security. In an era dominated by intangible assets, gold and silver offer a physical sanctuary for your wealth.


As central banks grapple with inflationary pressures, gold and silver emerge as powerful shields against the eroding effects of rising prices. Their ability to preserve purchasing power makes them essential components for investors looking to safeguard their wealth in an inflation-prone environment. Limited Supply, Rising Demand offer investors an opportunity for long-term growth.

Why Vault Metal?

Vault Metal brings an education and experienced understanding of what it means to diversify, protect, and preserve wealth. We take pride in being an industry leader with decades of broad market experience and rare insights for facing increasingly complex financial and economic landscapes. Although we cannot promise specific outcomes or risk-free results, we can and do promise to be transparent, bring the highest integrity into each relationship, and offer some of the lowest prices in the industry.

Why Now?

This is the most aggressive and concerning government in history. Our country is heading towards out of control hyperinflation and the dollars devaluation is excessive and rapid Indicators show the stock market is extremely overvalued and also fundamentally flawed.

Since nobody has a crystal ball, nobody really knows when the next stock market crash and economic recession will come. A well-diversified portfolio is a cornerstone of successful investing. By incorporating physical gold and silver, you add a layer of diversification that can help mitigate risk and enhance overall portfolio stability. These precious metals often move independently of traditional assets, providing a valuable counterbalance.

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Advantages to Owning Physical Metals

Reduce your Overall Portfolio Volatility

Create a hedge against economic downturn

Add a tremendous opportunity for gain

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Better Business Bureau Reviews

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I worked with the people at Vault Metal and was pleased at their depth of knowledge about current global influences and present/future potential US economic status. Their ability to get the most sought after metals far exceeded my expectations... I was guided into profitable investments and thus, value their wisdom! They supported me through the entire process and have provided a portfolio for my exchanges.Thus we keep on going communication for future business!

The people at Vault Metal were very professional, respectful, and pleasant. They were supportive all the way through the process, which helped me feel confident in my precious metal investment decisions. I highly recommend them.

I purchased gold and silver from Vault Metal. The pricing is always great and so is the service! I highly recommend using them for all your needs with precious metal purchasing.

Get it all with Vault, which is rare in this day & age, especially in this industry. Every member of the Vault team exudes knowledge, professionalism, efficiency, transparency & a genuine passion ** assist customers of all income brackets with their goals of diversifying their assets while keeping abreast of daily developments in local, state, country & global financial markets.

Fantastic experience with my initial purchase of Gold & Silver. I found Vault Metal to be very helpful and fair and knowledgeable Items were delivered safely as promised and pricing was Great. Definitely will be making future purchases soon ! Thank you ********* D.

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