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The Vault Metal Price Difference

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We don’t know of anyone who beats our pricing!

We present clear and detailed price comparisons before you purchase.

No high-priced spokesperson or expensive commercials, just great value.

Complimentary IRA storage.

Complimentary insured and discrete front door delivery.


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Why Gold?

Stability Amidst Turbulence

In times of economic turbulence, gold and silver have consistently proven their resilience. Unlike volatile stocks or unpredictable currencies, these precious metals have weathered the storms of history, providing a steadfast anchor for investors navigating uncertain markets.

Tangible Wealth, Real Security

The allure of physical gold and silver lies in their tangibility. Unlike digital assets that exist in the virtual realm, holding these precious metals in your hands provides a sense of real security. In an era dominated by intangible assets, gold and silver offer a physical sanctuary for your wealth.


As central banks grapple with inflationary pressures, gold and silver emerge as powerful shields against the eroding effects of rising prices. Their ability to preserve purchasing power makes them essential components for investors looking to safeguard their wealth in an inflation-prone environment. Limited Supply, Rising Demand offer investors an opportunity for long-term growth.

Why Vault Metal?

Vault Metal brings an education and experienced understanding of what it means to diversify, protect, and preserve wealth. We take pride in being an industry leader with decades of broad market experience and rare insights for facing increasingly complex financial and economic landscapes. Although we cannot promise specific outcomes or risk-free results, we can and do promise to be transparent, bring the highest integrity into each relationship, and offer some of the lowest prices in the industry.

Why Now?

This is the most aggressive and concerning government in history. Our country is heading towards out of control hyperinflation and the dollars devaluation is excessive and rapid Indicators show the stock market is extremely overvalued and also fundamentally flawed.

Since nobody has a crystal ball, nobody really knows when the next stock market crash and economic recession will come. A well-diversified portfolio is a cornerstone of successful investing. By incorporating physical gold and silver, you add a layer of diversification that can help mitigate risk and enhance overall portfolio stability. These precious metals often move independently of traditional assets, providing a valuable counterbalance.

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Advantages to Owning Physical Metals

Reduce your Overall Portfolio Volatility

Create a hedge against economic downturn

Add a tremendous opportunity for gain

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Better Business Bureau Reviews

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I consider myself very lucky and blessed that I met Vault Metal and their excellent team of professionals. We have successfully executed a total of 5 transactions in less than 3 months, both IRA and non-IRA transactions. The choices and pricing given me was always the best possible. During the first transaction I checked everything. I trusted the people I worked with, but I verified everything. Vault Metal under-promised and over-delivered!!! What a way to go!!! I cannot say enough positive things about the company, their people, their customer oriented business model and professionalism. They are the best! It is a joy to do business with the Vault Metal team and I will be a customer for life!!


I just completed two additional purchases and my experience was as good as my previous 5 transactions. Vault Metal is a company that is a step above the rest in the industry. It is a good feeling to see a company so customer oriented. It is always a pleasure to visit the Vault Metal office and being treated like a valuable customer/friend. This is very rare in todays world..Vault Metal is my only go-to precious Metal Dealer for future purchases. They cannot be topped by the rest of the industry!!!!!

I had a 2 complex transactions with Vault Meta over a period of about 4 months and the experience was handled better then any service oriented company has ever given me. I dealt with multiple specialist and individuals and each was absolutely experienced, but, above all they were honest with impeccable courtesy and respect for me and my situations. They even brought their experience to help me solve a separate transaction with a different precious metals company that had been scamming me. I recommend their services to others with the highest of marks. Not only would I use them for other aspects, I now consider them to be my friends. EXCELLENT company!

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